What if you had to die to save your own life?

Zander Chung knows a terrible idea when he hears one, but after the 39-year-old couch potato is sentenced to death by anonymous videocall, his humdrum life in 2118 Republic of London is turned upside down.
Pursued by misfunctioning machines and running out of time, his enigmatic grandmother (who may or may not be immortal), and the Egyptian god Osiris, persuade him that the only answer is to travel to the Afterlife – in Business Class, no less – to persuade Suleiman the Wise to help.
Out of his league (and possibly out of his mind), Zander is confronted by a cast of demi-gods, dead and djinn. Finding friends and foes in the most unexpected places, he soon learns there is much more at stake than just his life.
Will he succeed? How will he return from the dead? Can Suleiman be trusted? And why is an angel in drag lending a hand?
A Conspiracy of Toasters is the addictive entry to a SciFi-Fantasy world of chicken-that-isn’t-chicken, magicians, furry dice, and jealous djinn. If you like snappy dialogue, improbable escapades, and rarely knowing what might happen next, this rollicking journey will leave you yearning for more.

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A loud buzz cut through the crackling. Zander jumped. 'Zander Chung,' the now clear but curiously distant voice said in a soft Irish brogue, more announcement than question. 'After careful deliberation, the Council of the GIM wish to inform you that you have been deemed superfluous. You have 24 hours. Tomorrow, at the stroke of midnight, you will be discontinued.'
A Conspiracy of Toasters : To Death and Back Again